How to Stay Centered on Social Media as a Creative

Experts weigh in on how to use social media with balance and boundaries as an artist or content creator
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Wednesday, May 29 10:00AM (GMT-04:00)


Transform your relationship to posting content online. This discussion is designed for creatives navigating social media who aim to prioritize their mental health and well-being.

Join us to learn more about social media's impact on mental health and well-being for creatives as we address common challenges such as comparison, FOMO (fear of missing out), anxiety, dealing with negativity, and burnout.

2D Animation Filmmaker Sykosan and Game Designer Ryan Laley will share their experiences and insights as content creators and discuss how to navigate the pressures of creating for social media while keeping your mental well-being in check.

These creatives will share tips on setting healthy boundaries around social media use to prevent burnout and maintain balance in your creative career. Plus, we'll explore the power of building a supportive online community and engaging in meaningful interactions, uncovering how these practices can positively influence your mental wellness.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain practical tools and inspiration for navigating social media mindfully, finding balance in your engagement, and prioritizing your mental well-being as a creative professional or emerging artist. 


This session is for anyone who:

  • Is in the creative industries and feels anxiety around social media use
  • Compares their creative output to others on social media 
  • Is creating for social media and feels they may be burning out
  • Wants to learn to navigate social media mindfully and engage with intention
  • Seeks balance in their engagement with social media 
What we cover:
  • Understanding the impact of social media on mental health and well-being for creatives
  • Strategies for being more present and intentional while scrolling through social media feeds
  • Practical tips for setting boundaries around social media use to prevent burnout and maintain balance in creative careers
  • Building a supportive online community and engaging in meaningful interactions and how this can benefit you
  • Panelists own experience with navigating creating for social media and how to avoid burnout and exhaustion

    Note: This event is expected to run for 60-90 minutes. 

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CG Spectrum

CG Spectrum - Established in 2011, CG Spectrum is a global top-ranked training provider offering specialized programs in real-time 3D, game development, animation, VFX, digital painting, and visualization. CG Spectrum inspires and trains creators through a unique online learning model and personalized mentorship from industry professionals. CG Spectrum is an Unreal Authorized Training Center, Unreal Academic Partner, SideFX Certified Training Provider, and Toon Boom Authorized Training Center delivering programs worldwide. Learn more at

Nikita Heyland

Nikita Heyland | CG Spectrum Community Engagement Manager - Nikita Heyland is the Community Engagement Manager at CG Spectrum, where she leads initiatives to support and expand a thriving online community of over 4000 students and alumni. Dedicated to enhancing the student and alumni experience, Nikita focuses on creating engaging and supportive environments that facilitate both personal and professional growth for all members.

Ryan Laley

Ryan Laley | Game Developer & CG Spectrum Mentor - Freelance game developer, Ryan Laley, has worked in education for over ten years, teaching video game development across multiple disciplines with a focus on game programming. He is also an Unreal Authorized Instructor, working with Epic Games to help train students as well as future trainers. Ryan continues to develop his own games when he's not teaching.


Sykosan | 2D Animation Filmmaker & CG Spectrum Mentor - Sykosan is a freelance 2D Animation Filmmaker and 2D Animation Mentor at CG Spectrum. expertise covers all stages of the animation process, including writing and editing, film directing, character design, background, asset design, 2D effects, and compositing Sykosan's work has been used across all kinds of media — advertising, feature films, video games, and music videos — for a diverse range of clients, including Katy Perry, the BBC, Netflix, Adobe, MTV, Samsung, Sony, Adidas, Gucci, and Megan Thee Stallion.

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