Optimize Your Brain to Boost Your Creativity with BrainWorx

Hear from BrainWorx experts on how to understand your brain better to manage anxiety and enhance focus and creativity.
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Learn how to work with your brain to increase your focus and creativity in this hands-on workshop run by BrainWorx.

Join us for an exclusive training session with Alma Galvan, founder of BrainWorx! Discover how to unlock the power of your brain to manage anxiety, overwhelm, and boost your focus and creativity. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical techniques to enhance your mental well-being. 

BrainWorx is a scientifically proven method that teaches adults, children, parents, and educators how to develop the brain through movement. It’s a natural approach to reducing anxiety, improving focus, and developing emotional regulation.

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This session is for anyone who:
  • Wants to increase their focus and creative output and manage overwhelm and anxiety more effectively
  • Is a student, professional, or anyone engaged in creative industries or practices
  • Is looking for simple, practical tips for accelerating their creative process and honing their brain's capabilities
  • Wants to enhance their brain function and accelerate their creative process, including but not limited to those who identify as neurodivergent or have ADHD
What we cover:
  • Practical tools, strategies, and exercises that equip you to train your brain for enhanced focus and creativity
  • Neurodevelopment and how we can reshape our subconscious beliefs to bring our creativity to the forefront
  • The power of simple body movements and techniques to tackle overwhelm and reduce anxiety
  • An interactive Q&A session where you can engage directly with our experienced hosts

Plan ahead: this event includes a 90-minute workshop followed by a live Q&A. 

Exclusive access: Attendees will receive access to a complimentary 5-day program from BrainWorx designed to further amplify your brain's potential for creativity and productivity.

Limited spots available! Register now to secure your virtual seat.

Watch the replay:
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Holly Puckett

Holly Puckett | Career Coach - Holly is a seasoned career counselor with 5-years' tenure as the Director of Career Services for a law school in the Pacific Northwest and 10+ years a U.S. licensed lawyer specializing in banking litigation, poverty law, and employment advice. Multi-talented and with a creative edge, Holly's pursuits also span theatre performance, costume design, jewelry making, and entrepreneurship. Holly is enthusiastic about collaborating with CG Spectrum students and finds joy in offering practical, actionable support as they navigate their career paths.

Special Guest
Alma Galvan

Alma Galvan | Founder of BrainWorx - Alma is a mother and Co-Founder of BrainWorx. She created the BrainWorx Method out of necessity after two of her sons were diagnosed with multiple conditions, including autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorder.  Determined to find a solution, Alma spent years researching techniques that were scientifically proven to promote brain development. When put into practice, these techniques significantly helped Alma's sons and she realized they could help others too. So, Alma started BrainWorx and, today, she loves sharing what she's learned and developed with people all over the globe.

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