Quality Assurance (QA) Game Tester

The role, salary, software, and skills of a video game QA tester

What does a video game tester do?

A game tester makes sure a video game is user-friendly and bug-free before it's released. A QA tester determines any technical issues, while playtesters focus more on providing feedback for user experience and playability. Video game testers are often assigned specific aspects of a game to test, sharing their findings via detailed reports that flag any errors or issues.

Game testers are integral to the video game process and QA testing is a great way to break into the games industry.

QA Tester Courses

Game tester job description

A video game tester's job is to ensure that a game is functioning properly and that there are no glitches or errors. They play a game from start to finish, looking for any problems that may occur. They also test different aspects of the game, such as the graphics, sound, and gameplay. Testers must be thorough in their evaluations in order to find any potential issues with the game.

Testers also play the game to make sure it is fun and engaging. They provide feedback to developers on how to improve the game and may also work on creating test plans and reports.

Role & responsibilities of a game tester in the gaming industry:

  • Create builds for testing and troubleshooting where necessary
  • Create and execute test plans for development features
  • Working with the development team to get bugs fixed
  • Report on bugs including communicating across multiple departments on issues and their status
  • Create and execute test plans
  • Reporting on testing and QA activities to the leadership in weekly production meetings
  • Coordinate meetups and external playtesting with help from admin staff
  • Work with the Producer to analyze and disseminate feedback
  • Planning QA phases for release on various platforms
  • Provide critique and feedback on usability and design

Skills required to become a video game tester

Game testing jobs are often entry-level, however, most roles still require prior experience or training. Getting your ISTQB™ certification at a reputable training center is a great place to start.   

Video game studios may look for the following skills in game testers:

  • Enjoys and can play video games
  • Familiar with project management methods including Waterfall, Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery
  • Solid grasp of project management and bug-tracking
  • Good at keeping track of and analyzing data and findings
  • Able to self-manage, prioritize, and multi-task
  • Familiar with game engines
  • Any game development experience

What software and tools do game testers use?

The software and tools that game testers may be required to use vary depending on the type of game being tested but may include a variety of gaming platforms, devices, and software applications. In some cases, game testers may be required to have a gaming console in order to test games for that platform. They may also be required to use specific software or applications to test games for specific devices or operating systems.

Game testers may need knowledge of a combination of the following software:

  • JIRA, Azure DevOps, Bugzilla, and/or other project management/bug-tracking software
  • Microsoft Office and/or Google Suite
  • Scripting languages & tools are always helpful (Python, LUA, C#, Unreal Script, Blueprints)

How much does a game tester make? 

Glassdoor reports that game testers in the US make between $46,000 to $74,000 (USD). Senior game testers can earn up to around $103,000 (USD).



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