CG Spectrum Logo & Brand Guidelines

Student work: Ewald Vorster

CG Spectrum brand assets and usage

The CG Spectrum logo, guidelines on how to use it, plus our brand colors, and typeface can be found below. For any questions about our brand or additional assets, contact

About CG Spectrum

CG Spectrum is a global top-ranked training provider for the film, game and creative industries. Offering specialized programs and personalized mentorship from industry professionals, CG Spectrum prepares individuals for careers in the industry and supports major studios with upskilling their teams. CG Spectrum is an Unreal Authorized Training Center, Unreal Academic Partner, SideFX Certified Training Provider, and Toon Boom Authorized Training Center delivering programs worldwide.


CG Spectrum logo

Please use the correct logo and respect the usage guidelines outlined below


If you have partnered with CG Spectrum and wish to use the logo alongside your brand, send your materials to for approval before publishing.

Download logo suite

How to use the logo

Always maintain a clear space around the logo with minimum space around the logo equal to logo elements as shown here.
  • DO NOT change the colour of the text.
  • DO NOT rotate the icon, this must always stay upright to help create the 3D shape.
  • DO NOT change the text.
  • DO NOT rotate the logo.
  • DO NOT compress, crop, or distort the logo proportions in any way.


Maintain the appropriate amount of spacing and alignment in relation to both logos as shown below. As a general rule of thumb, logo text elements should be approximately the same size wherever possible.

  • Align horizontal logos along the baseline of primary logo text as shown here.
  • Center logos vertically if placing a horizontal logo next to a stacked logo as shown here.

Brand colors

These colours feature in our logo and branding.

Colour choice should be made by choosing one that gives the most contrast against the background (e.g, yellow doesn’t stand out well on white). 

Primary colors


Use these primary colors sparingly and only one color per section. 

Purple is the preferred color for accents and headers etc., followed by orange, green, then blue. Where possible, red should only be used in assets such as error warnings. Yellow should rarely be used as text color.


HEX: #7E57C2
RGB: 126, 87, 194





HEX: #FF9800
RGB: 255, 152, 0





HEX: #009688
RGB: 0, 150, 136





HEX: #4FC3F7
RGB: 79, 195, 247





HEX: #DF3331
RGB: 223, 51, 49





HEX: #FDD835
RGB: 253, 216, 53

Background color


The background color is a neutral blue that we use for blocks of color when a background is needed. 


Primary background

HEX: #0A1833
RGB: 10, 24, 51


Brand typeface


CG Spectrum uses the Encode Sans typeface.

Download the typeface



For any questions about CG Spectrum's logo or brand guidelines, or to partner with us, email