CGS FX and compositing students prepare to work in a booming industry

Art: Jonathan Ramirez

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Did you know that almost all films made today use visual effects? VFX can be as small as removing a car from the background of a shot to integrating CG environments and characters and adding FX (smoke, destruction, water simulations, etc.).

The worldwide visual effects industry is expected to reach $15.5 Billion by 20271, which means the demand for skilled VFX artists will only grow!

Our Houdini FX and Nuke Compositing students continue to create outstanding work, proving they have what it takes to join the industry and meet the growing demand for talented FX artists and compositors.

With industry-approved curriculums taught by talented VFX artists with years of experience, our visual effects courses are helping our students reach new technical and creative heights and are preparing them for a successful career in a booming industry.

See some of the portfolio-worthy work created by our 2022 visual effects students:

Want to join the booming visual effects industry as an FX artist or compositor?

Learn from experts at CG Spectrum, a proud SideFX Houdini Certified School and a Rookies Certified School that ranks in the top 20 schools in the world for visual effects.

Our visual effects courses will give you a hands-on, industry-focused education to help you achieve your career goals.


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