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Student work by Ismar Suchov

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CG Spectrum's beginner and advanced courses prepare students for careers in the film and game industry. Students get access to an industry-vetted curriculum, and attend a live weekly call with their mentor (an industry expert) where they can get professional feedback on their work. Here's an example of some of the work they've produced recently.


Orc Summoner

Artist: Tuck Abbott
Breakdowns and High Res: Tuck's Artstation
Course: Houdini FX Course 

Dice Melt

Artist: Tornike Lelashvili
Course: Houdini FX Course  


The Rookies Peaky Blinders Contest


Artist: Pietro Trizzulo
Peaky Blinders theme: 3D model of close up scene of a bedside cupboard in the early 1900s. 
Breakdowns and Pietro's process: The Rookies
Course: Advanced 3D Modeling 


Artist: Massimiliano Moro
Modeled in Maya and Zbrush, textured in Substance Painter, rendered in Arnold. 
Turntable and Breakdowns: Artstation
Course: Advanced 3D Modeling 

X-Wave Tank

Artist: Jinyoung Choi
3D model of X-Wave Tank based on original 2D Concept Art (below) by Jinyoung's Mentor, Anton Tenitsky 
Breakdowns: Artstation
Course: Introduction to 3D Modeling

Original X-Wave Tank Concept Art by CG Spectrum Mentor Anton Tenitsky



Confessions of a War Veteran

Artists: Ismar Suchov (left), Numa Rocchietta (right)
Course: Advanced Illustration Course

Mentor Eric Wilkerson  on the assignment: "Our first project in Advanced Digital Illustration is an open-ended assignment dealing with war. The brief entitled “Confessions of a ____ War Veteran” leaves it up to the student to fill in the blank and create a unique narrative illustration by deciding what type of war veteran the main character is. Some students chose a contemporary theme with social commentary while others explored fantasy, horror or sci-fi motifs. It is a great way for me to gauge where the student is at in their understanding of how to compose a narrative illustration. Here are two different results from the same project done by students Ismar Suchov and Numa Rocchietta."





Artist: Gonzo Apestegui (@gonzo.boi)
Course: Advanced Concept Art Course

Environment Concepts



Environment Concept Art Sketches
Artist: Christine Pagaduan (Read interview with Christine)
Course: Advanced Concept Art Course

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