Learn game art & animation online

Take your first steps towards becoming a video game artist with CG Spectrum's online game art and animation courses.

Whether looking for a new career or updating your skills, fast-track your way into the game industry with personalized career training from leading artists who have worked on best-selling games.

Why learn game art & animation at CG Spectrum:

  • Unreal Academic Partner & Unreal Authorized Training Center
  • 1-on-1 or small group classes (max 4 students)
  • Support and industry insights from our online community 
  • Flexible schedules and 100% online. Learn from anywhere!

CG Spectrum graduates can be found working at video game studios all over the world

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Learn game art & design from the experts

Progress faster with personalized mentorship from professional game artists and animators. 

Flexible scheduling

Plan studies around your work and family commitments

Industry mentors

Learn from experts who have worked on major video games

Job-ready skills

Build practical job skills studios are hiring for

Payment plans

Pursue your passion and start working sooner

Specialized online game art courses

Get more out of your education! Industry-approved curriculum, live weekly sessions with your mentor, personalized feedback on your work, plus a supportive online community cheering you on. 

Game Art & Animation Courses

CG Spectrum's intensive online game art & animation courses teach you the fundamentals of becoming a game artist, so you can confidently decide for yourself which area you would like to specialize in. With an industry mentor guiding you each week, you'll get insight into the video game industry, and gain speed and confidence using industry standard software as you create original work for your portfolio! 

Turn your artistic passion into a career! CG Spectrum's specialized online digital painting courses prepare you for an exciting career as a concept artist or illustrator in the film, video game and publishing industries.

Choose from beginner or advanced digital painting programs, and discover how to plan, develop and present compelling industry-standard artwork using Adobe Photoshop. Progress faster each week through live weekly sessions with your industry mentor, and graduate with original art for your portfolio. Traditional artists welcome!

Digital Painting Courses

  • Concept Art & Digital Illustration Essentials
  •  Concept Art & Digital Illustration Foundations
  • Concept Art Specialisation
  • Digital Illustration Specialisation
  • Bachelor of Digital Art (Concept Art Major)

Take your first steps towards becoming a 3D modeler for film and games. Learn how to sculpt amazing characters, creatures and environments with our specialized online ZBrush career training. 

Our industry-approved 3D modeling programs are led by top visual effects artists with years of experience working on major films and games. Build skills studios are hiring for and be ready to hit the ground running at your next job.

3D Modeling Courses

  • 3D Modeling Essentials
  • 3D Modeling Foundations
  • 3D Modeling Specialisation
  • Bachelor of Animation & VFX (3D Modeling Major)

Become an animator for film and games! Explore our range of specialized 2D and 3D online animation courses and learn industry-standard software Autodesk Maya or Toon Boom Harmony.

You'll be guided every step of the way by industry mentors who worked at studios like Disney, Ubisoft, ILM, Sony, and EA. CG Spectrum is an Authorized Toon Boom Traning Center, so you know you'll be getting top quality industry training.

Animation Courses

  • 2D Animation Essentials
  • 2D Animation Foundations
  • 2D Animation Specialisation
  • 3D Animation Essentials
  • 3D Animation Foundations
  • 3D Animation Specialisation
  • Bachelor of Digital Art (2D Animation Major)
  • Bachelor of Animation & VFX (3D Animation Major)

As an Unreal Academic Partner and one of the Top 50 Best Creative Media & Entertainment Art Schools in the World, CG Spectrum is excited to offer career training in real-time 3D technical art and virtual production using Unreal Engine.

CG Spectrum has partnered with Epic Games and industry professionals to develop a comprehensive, job-focused study pathway to ensure graduates are well-positioned to enter this field and make a productive contribution from day one on the job.

Real-time 3D Courses

  • Real-time 3D Essentials
  • Real-time 3D Foundations
  • Real-time 3D Specialization



Study game art with industry veterans

Get direct access to passionate industry artists and animators with years of experience working with major clients and studios.