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With demand for 2D and 3D animation in film and games growing exponentially, there's never been a better time to learn animation.

Whether you're looking for a new career or updating your skills to increase hiring potential, CG Spectrum's intensive online courses help you fast-track your way into the industry.

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Get more out of your education with an industry-approved curriculum, live weekly sessions with your industry mentor, personalized feedback on assignments, plus a supportive online community cheering you on. Private 1-on-1 or small group classes available. 

2D Animation Courses

From 2D basics to advanced character takes: discover how to create your own whimsical scenes from scratch, just like those you grew up watching. CG Spectrum is a Toon Boom Authorized Training Centre, so you know you'll be learning from the best.


Course summary:

Learn the basics using Toon Boom Harmony in this short 2D animation course for beginners. Focusing on hand-drawn or 'cut-out' style animation, this introductory course covers the 12 Principles of Animation and classic exercises like the bouncing ball, walk cycle, and character take. Before you know it, you'll know how to make 2D animations from scratch!

Note: This short course is also the first term of the 2D Animation Course, so you’ll be one-third of the way through if you choose to continue!


Course summary:

Build on your character animation skills by creating more exciting and complex scenes for your portfolio. You'll study the greats and discover what makes their work so captivating, learn body mechanics and anatomy, and gain speed creating thumbnails and key poses. This 2D animation training also covers model sheets, timing and poses, 2-person dialogue scenes, and how to add FX to your animation. You'll learn Toon Boom shortcuts along the way, plus other practical job skills to speed up your workflow.

Note: The Introduction to 2D Animation Certificate is embedded in this course. If you complete the 3-month introductory course, you'll be one-third of the way through this course.


Course summary:

Build on your 2D fundamentals in this advanced 2D animation course! Learn Toon Boom Harmony’s peg and node animation system, then move onto complex physical animations, rigging and animating bipeds and quadrupeds. With your mentor's guidance, you'll learn acting for feature/episodic animation; master poses, timing and spacing; apply advanced movement techniques; and understand how to use Harmony's compositing and FX tools.

You will develop a strong understanding of advanced cutout style animation techniques, and have confidence in rigging and animating characters and creatures. Finish the course by polishing your animation demo reel, exploring career options with your mentor, and working with CG Spectrum's in-house Career Development Manager.

3D Animation Courses

CG Spectrum's online 3D animation courses are a complete study pathway to help launch your career as a 3D animator for films and video games! From charismatic characters to captivating creatures, you'll learn how to animate with Autodesk Maya, build original portfolio pieces, and graduate with a strong portfolio to show employers.


Course summary:

Learn how to animate from scratch with this fun short course - perfect for beginners! Using the 12 Principles of Animation, you'll lock down the fundamentals, then jump into Autodesk Maya to learn about character rigs and posing. Finish with your first walk cycle!

Note: This short course is also the first term of the 3D Animation Course, so you’ll be one-third of the way through the course if you choose to continue!


Course summary:

Once you've mastered your 3D foundations, you'll learn body mechanics and how to use force and weight to create a believable combat scene in Maya. Next you'll learn storytelling for animation, develop a backstory for a character and have a go at conveying emotions using body language by creating a pantomime piece. Finish with a character dialogue scene complete with lip sync, facial and body expressions - and have a polished piece for your demo reel.

Note: The Introduction to 3D Animation Certificate is embedded in this course. If you complete the 3-month introductory course, you'll be one-third of the way through this course.


Course summary:

Time for advanced character acting and creature animation to level-up your portfolio with high-quality work to show employers!

Learn how to get two characters interacting in a fun and realistic way. Discover how to analyze dialogue, shoot reference video and set up scenes using professional workflows. Watch your animation come alive as you apply your new knowledge of shot composition, cinematography, layering, acting beats and body mechanics to your scene.

In the creature animation class, you'll expand your versatility as an artist with everything from quadruped walks, runs and jumps, to animating winged creatures. With your industry mentor offering time-saving tips and tricks throughout the course, you’ll gain a solid understanding of creature animation, and have a great time breathing life into your creatures.

This advanced 3D animation course includes a whole term dedicated to career and portfolio development to ensure you graduate ready to hit the ground running at your next job.