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Valued at $155B, the games industry is booming, and there's never been a better time to pursue a career in games.

Make the switch from gamer to developer! Whether you want to work on major AAA titles or become an indie developer, our online game dev courses equip you with the skills to pursue a career in games.

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Specialized game development courses

Get more out of your education with an Unreal Academic Partner! Enjoy an industry-approved curriculum, live weekly sessions with your mentor, personalized feedback, plus support, industry insights, and networking in our amazing online community. 


Ideal game programming course for beginners with little or no coding knowledge! You'll learn programming fundamentals using the C++ programming language and start building your first game.

  • Understand programming concepts used in development
  • Master the basic syntax of the C++ programming language
  • Build a simple C++ game from scratch

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In just 3 months, you'll be feeling more confident with  C++ programming techniques, and ready to start bringing your own game ideas to life. A great introduction course to see what it takes to become a game programmer!


Start with basic game design theory to see HOW things should be designed, WHY they work, and WHAT to do to make an addicting game. You'll learn how to pitch your game, create a game design document, and make an Unreal Engine gameplay prototype.

  • Learn about core gameplay mechanics
  • Design game systems, quests and objectives
  • Build simple prototypes using Unreal Engine and Photoshop

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Expect to play a LOT of games in the name of research! Every great designer must know how to analyze, deconstruct and understand how each game differs. You'll learn how to paper design and concept; write a level design specification; and ensure level functionality and other technical needs are met. A fantastic entry-level course for aspiring designers.


Learn to program games with the world’s most powerful 3D game engine, Unreal Engine. This online game programming course covers more advanced UE techniques with a focus on career development to get you job-ready.

  • Create levels with materials, terrain, and gameplay elements
  • Explore Unreal animation and cinematics
  • Build a playable game with an interactive character

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Build the skills studios are hiring for, including the more advanced uses of Unreal Engine such as character animations, particle effects, serialization, loading, and streaming levels. Once you've built a fully playable game for your portfolio, you'll receive additional 1-on-1 career support from our Career Development Manager to prepare you for work in a game studio.


Using AAA case studies, you'll discover how to design more elaborate games in this fun but intensive course. Learn to build immersive game levels, combine gameplay systems to create more engaging experiences, and see what it takes to launch a successful game.

  • Design advanced game systems, maps and assets
  • Whitebox a level in Unreal Engine
  • Create a small beautiful game prototype

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Great ideas are a dime a dozen in the world of game development; being able to execute them well is more important. You’ll learn how to validate and express your ideas and bring them to life in a playable game prototype. This course includes additional 1-on-1 support from our Career Development Manager to get you ready for a career in game development.


Learn from the best in the business

Learn from passionate industry veterans with years of real-world experience at major studios on AAA and best-selling video games.