How to become a Realtime 3D Artist

Get industry insights from professional artists working in the realtime and virtual production space.

Environment: William Faucher

Skilled realtime artists are in demand in the film and game industry. But what exactly does a realtime artist do? How do you get started in virtual production? What does a day in the life of a realtime artist look like? What jobs are out there and how do you get them?

Here's your chance to hear from industry professionals working in the realtime and virtual production space. Special guests William Faucher, Deepak Chetty and Simon Warwick explain why skilled realtime artists are sought after, give real-world examples of how and where realtime virtual production is being used, and what employers are hiring for.

Who is this webinar for:
  • Anyone wanting to pursue a career as realtime artist
  • Traditional filmmakers wanting to transition their skills into virtual production
  • Anyone wanting to learn world building for games using unreal engine
  • Anyone wanting to build film-quality cinematic shots for film and games
  • Anyone wanting to learn the engine side of Virtual Production
What we'll cover:
  • What a realtime virtual production artist really does
  • Why there’s such a demand for realtime artists in both the film and games industry
  • How to set yourself up for success in this emerging field
  • What skills employers are looking for
  • Why there is a shortage of artists in the field
  • How traditional filmmakers can convert their skills to realtime virtual production
  • How our expert training in realtime and virtual production will get you job-ready
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