Inside the Life of an Anime Artist

Free webinar with 2D artist Misu Yamaneko (Pokemon, Vinland Saga, Bleach Brave Souls)

Webinar Overview

Discover what it's like to be an anime artist in Japan

In our recent webinar, 2D artist Misu revealed the ins and outs of the anime world – a must-watch for anyone interested in working in this fascinating industry! 

Misu has spent the last 15 years working on popular anime productions like Pokemon Sun & Moon, Promised Neverland, Vinland Saga, Overlord II, Natsume’s Book of Friends, Merc Storia, and the game Bleach Brave Souls.

She has years of experience with storyboards, pitches, layouts, illustrations and 3D graphics, and works traditionally on paper as well as digitally. She also mentors CG Spectrum students in the anime-style animation diploma, an intensive online career training program that helps aspiring animators master 2D animation fundamentals with an anime focus using Toon Boom Harmony.

In this illuminating 1 hour discussion, Misu shared her personal experiences and gave insightful answers to the questions you're likely asking too!

  • How Misu got her break in Japan
  • The biggest myths of the anime industry
  • What it's like to work on major anime productions
  • How to get started as an anime artist

Join Misu Yamaneko, CG Spectrum's Animation Manager Scott Claus, and Digital Media Producer Zoe Robertson for this jam-packed webinar.

Life of an anime artist webinar

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