Yasemin Hepguler

Sr. Compositor at Scanline VFX

Mentor of Nuke Compositing

Yasemin Hepguler

Yasemin is a Senior Compositor at ScanlineVFX in Vancouver, Canada and teaches VFX Compositing at CG Spectrum using Nuke.

Starting out as a Graphic Designer (with a BA Degree in Visual and Communication Design from Istanbul), Yasemin soon discovered her true passion was actually working with moving images and traveling. So she moved to San Francisco and got her MA Degree in VFX Compositing at the Academy of Art.

She has since gone from one success to the next all over the world, from MPC in London, to Pixomodo in Los Angeles, to Double Negative and Image Engine in Vancouver.

Yasemin has worked on a long list of movies and TV shows including Game of Thrones, Deadpool 2, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Blade Runner 2049, Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy and Oblivion.

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