Dan LaDuca

Art Director at Level Ex

Mentor of Foundations

Dan LaDuca

Dan LaDuca has been in the video game industry for more than fifteen years working at companies such as Activision, Microsoft, and Disney Interactive Studios where he was an Associate Art Director. Dan's background is as an environment artist who also has a strong passion for animation.

For those who know Dan both personally and professionally, art is his passion, and passion is his art. He dives headfirst into all projects, constantly pushes his already high standards, and stays up-to-date with the latest design methods and software in the industry. These days Dan is a Client Art Director for Level Ex, a company with clients such as NASA and Brainlab.

Dan loves the idea of helping students find their passion and drive. At CG Spectrum he is able to share his past and current experiences with students to guide them along their journey towards joining a rapidly growing industry that has the influence to make real change.



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