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Visual effects is an exciting field where no two days are the same! Start your journey with our industry mentors who will walk you through the entire VFX production process step-by-step, give you plenty of hands-on experience, plus the confidence and job skills to pursue a career in the VFX industry. We have courses for beginners as well as established artists wanting to upgrade their skills.

Benefits of studying visual effects at CG Spectrum:

  • Learn the latest VFX techniques used by top studios
  • Train with industry-standard tools
  • Software licenses included in the course
  • Active online community to support you
  • Dedicated career development support 

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Specialized VFX courses for any skill level

Get more out of your education! Get access to an industry-approved curriculum, live weekly sessions with your mentor, personalized feedback on your work, plus support, industry insights, and networking through our amazing online community. 

Introduction to Houdini FX

Once you've learned the basics of Houdini in this exciting short course, you'll be creating explosions and natural disasters in no time! Your industry mentor will show you how to set up professional workflows and give you a taste of what it's like to be a professional FX artist.

  • Learn fundamental and FX techniques in Houdini
  • Get introduced to Rigid Body Dynamics, Pyro and Flip Solvers
  • Understand and apply particle concepts

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Start with the fundamentals of FX and simulations with Houdini software. Learn scripting with VEX and see how scripts can help create more complex VFX shots. Learn all about particles in Houdini and the concepts behind what drives them. Dive into advanced geometry concepts which will help you build assets for your VFX shots and ultimately destroy them! Apply rendering techniques used in VFX production and start building your first fully rendered shots.


Houdini FX Course

If you want to create incredible effects for film and games, the Houdini FX Course is your ticket into the industry! Guided by a professional FX artist, you'll harness the true power of procedural, node-based workflow techniques to create destruction, explosions, and water simulations, learning how to model, texture, simulate and render mind-blowing FX shots from scratch.

  • Produce complex FX simulations
  • Master RBD, Flip, Vellum, and Pyro
  • Create production-quality shots for your portfolio

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Be personally mentored by FX artists who have worked at some of the best VFX studios, get plenty of hands-on experience, and graduate with original work for your demo reel.

Enjoy a personalized education experience like no other with unrivalled support and feedback from a mentor who is invested in your success. What a great way to start your career as an FX artist!


Introduction to Nuke Compositing

Learn how to seamlessly integrate digital assets with live action footage in Nuke. You'll get the hang of Nuke's powerful interface, practice complex rotoscoping techniques and green screen keying, then build a VFX shot from scratch for your portfolio.

  • Learn compositing basics and Nuke UI
  • Master rotoscoping and color keying
  • Add VFX elements to a live-action shot

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The VFX industry is rapidly growing and the need for highly-skilled, talented compositors is too. There’s never been a better time to learn Nuke, the most powerful visual effects digital compositing package.

Get a more personalized education experience with live weekly calls with your mentor each week, and study from the comfort of your own home. 

Nuke Compositing Course

This Nuke training prepares you creatively and technically for a career in the industry. Learn rotoscoping, digital painting, color theory, keying, scripting and lighting techniques used by top VFX artists, and graduate with an advanced understanding of compositing for film and TV.

  • Speed up your professional workflow
  • Expand your skill-set by learning studio-specific workflows
  • Build a professional demo reel

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In less than a year, CG Spectrum’s Nuke training will prepare you creatively and technically for a career as a compositor in the film industry. Master rotoscoping, digital painting, keying, scripting and lighting techniques used by top VFX studios and be mentored by world-class artists who have worked on your favorite films!


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