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We Live and Breathe the Film and Games Industry

CG Spectrum's goal is to make our students the most employable artists in the film and game industry. We do this by carefully selecting the best mentors and teachers who are currently employed to accomplish the school and student's unified goals.



Offering you the best of the best, CG Spectrum is a school founded by people in the industry who not only know what the film and game industry wants but what it expects.

We constantly keep our students up to date with the technical software that studios use and expect you to know. Multiple studios have hired our students based on our recommendations, and we strongly believe that being good mentors means developing a strong personal and supportive relationship with our students. Your success is our success!


Our mentors will tell it best, some have previously taught at other schools and break down the uniqueness of the teaching style at CG Spectrum.

Co-Founder and Animation Mentor Nick Fredin


Head of the Animation Department Mark Pullyblank


Maya FX Mentor Greg Hird-Rutter


We are very well connected to studios and artists that are in the position of hiring.  Studios and recruiters also contact us to review our graduates’ demo reels.

We help our students develop a realistic strategy from the very beginning, as our instructors are passionate about helping our students reach their goals.


Below are just some of the testimonials given by former students of CG Spectrum who were happy they made the choice to study with one of the best upcoming online schools in the industry.

Paul Koontz - 3D Generalist @ Zoic Studios

Paul KoontzPaul Koontz

“I've had a great experience with CG Spectrum and there is multiple reasons why I chose to go to CG Spectrum and why am also loving the training as well. First off I chose to go with CG Spectrum because as a 31-year-old father with a family and a full-time job it is hard to get the right training to break into a very competitive industry. With CG spectrum I'm able to work around my very busy schedule and also receive top-notch training from sources which are both provided for their students. My favorite part of the school is my mentor. Katerina a.k.a. Kathy is as legit as it gets she knows her stuff but most of all knows what's required to make it in the industry and that's worth everything.”

Phil Minter - Previs/Postvis Artist @ The Third Floor, Inc. 

Also recently finished work as an animator on the soon to be released World of Warcraft movie.

phil minterphil minter

“CG Spectrum has been an instrumental part of my growth as an animator, helping me sharpen my skills, acquire new ones and strengthen my character animation abilities.  This is an invaluable experience for anyone looking to learn animation or take their skills to the next level.”


Lawrence Zalasky- Layout TD @ Double Negative

Lawrence has been Lead Layout TD for Batman V Superman and he is now at Double Negative recently working on Star Trek: Beyond.

Lawrence Zalasky 2015 ShowReel


Alan Blackwell - went on to become a Senior Concept Artist @ DeNA West

"I spent 8 sessions with Jake back in summer of 2012 and I was able to meet with him in person, which I found super helpful. Jake took me through some homework exercises related to getting my portfolio quality kicked up a notch. We also ran through some more basic thinking behind image creating such as composition, thumbnailing etc. In the end I came out with about 3 finished pieces which directly led to me being picked up by DeNA Studios Canada late 2012 as a Junior Concept Artist. I really appreciated the time I got to work with Jake during those sessions. "


Alan Blackwell BleepAlan Blackwell Bleep


Kyle Dahl - Senior Animator @ Motiga

Kyle also worked at 343 industries where he worked as a character animator on Halo 5: Guardians

Kyle Dahl 2015 Animation Reel

Sebastian Muller - Freelance 3D Character Animator @ Neko- Productions

"In order to improve my animation demoreel, I was missing some acting animations in it.

I knew Jeff Pepper, CG Spectrum’s Director, from a previous experience and he told me about the online school he created and about renting a personal Mentor.

That’s what I did spending 12 weeks of private lessons with Mark Pullyblank, improving my acting animation techniques and my animation workflow.

Mark and Jeff also gave me advice on what to say and what not to say during interviews to be sure to have the right answers, how to behave to make a good impression etc...

I applied to some companies with my updated reel and got the chance to be hired by a small studio named Dwarf-Labs where I did some animations for a CG commercial. Then I was hired by Ubisoft where I worked for the last release of one of their big franchise, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate!

CG Spectrum is not only giving you CG classes/mentoring and leaving you in this wild industry of VFX and games, struggling at job hunting. They're always keeping contact with you to know if you're doing right, letting you know about opportunities they may have heard about.

CG Spectrum is like a family that cares about their children, making sure you got the best job."

We want to help you choose the right school and get you working in film or games as soon as you graduate, with our 90% hiring rate we believe that choice is through us. 


Animation Industry Briefing Community Spotlight Tips & Tutorials