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The Ever Changing World of Online Study

The online study gets a pretty bad wrap. And in many regards, rightfully so. Many online courses can make students feel isolated and alone and lack the interactivity that you may get from the on-campus study.

But not all online courses are the same.

Here at CG Spectrum, we have taken the idea of an online study to a whole new level in an effort to ensure our students get as much out of themselves as possible.

Combining live lectures, small class sizes, industry styled deadlines and constant access to our amazing mentors, CG Spectrum students are the best prepared in the business.

Studying online gives you the opportunity to study anything you like from any location."

We have come up with a curriculum that not only lends itself to an online structure but also thrives because of it.

The landscape of video game and special effects design is a fast-paced and evolving one, with new software and advancements in technology coming all the time. The only way to truly keep up is with the help of professionals who are currently leading design teams.

So we have employed mentors who work for some of the top studios in the world including UbisoftRocksteadyWETAActivision and ID Software just to name a few.

These mentors essentially become your teachers; creating your lessons, passing on their expertise, giving you tips and answering all your questions.


CGSpectrum Student02

So, let me give you an idea of a normal week as a student studying full-time at CG Spectrum Online Animation and VFX School.

On Monday students can access that week’s course materials online. This contains all the details for the week ahead; a written outline, examples of work and a video tutorial from your mentor.

After carefully reading through the package, students will begin preparing themselves for the midweek, live video meeting with their mentor and fellow classmates. This includes familiarizing themselves with the assignment and software involved, coming up with an idea to present and, if possible, begin work on the assignment itself.

It’s interactive, diverse and realistic with an emphasis on grooming students for life beyond school."

The midweek Q and A meeting with your mentor and classmates will run on Wednesday or Thursday. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your work with your mentor who will give feedback and offer solutions to any problems you might be having.

The rest of the week is spent completing your assignment, ready to be submitted by Sunday night. During this time students will be able to contact their mentor via email, who are required to answer you within 24-hours.

On Sunday, your completed assignment is submitted and on Monday your next week begins.

It’s interactive, diverse and realistic with an emphasis on grooming students for life beyond school. A version of an online study that is unique to anything else you’ll come across and tailor-made to fit our student’s needs.

But there are many more pros to studying online as opposed to on-campus.

Not having to present on campus means that students have the freedom to work or care for a family whilst completing schoolwork when best suits them.

Studying online gives you the opportunity to study anything you like from any location. Your classroom is your computer and everyone gets a front row seat.

The variety of courses available to study off-campus is growing rapidly meaning that there is a course to fit nearly any student’s interests.

And with advancements in technology, your teachers have never been more accessible. Whether it’s via email, Skype, FaceTime, online forums or the countless other avenues of contact you’ll always have the help you need.


Are you contemplating taking the first steps in a career of video game or visual effects development? click the link below to learn more about the courses we offer and how to enroll.


Animation Industry Briefing Community Spotlight Tips & Tutorials