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10 Minutes of Art Advice With Jake Collinge

Jake Collinge recently shared a brief advice video on YouTube as a way to give back to the artist community online.

In this video, Jake covers some interesting topics for artists that are open for discussion. We hope that if something peaks your interest you will share your thoughts in the Youtube comments, or better yet by joining our CG Spectrum Community Group on Facebook.

Each minute of the video launches a new subject, where Jake provides some humble advice and opinions. Things get rolling at minute 1.



He covers the following topics that not many artists actually stop to consider:

  • Ongoing Projects
  • Oversaturation
  • Reference
  • Commitment and Expectation
  • Isolating Skills
  • Belief in Progress
  • Put Practice First
  • Momentary Inspiration
  • Session Goals
  • Consecutive SessionsLearning art, or anything other applicable creative fields, is a long process, so we hope this advice will be helpful to you. Please share this with other artists in your lives to hopefully inspire them to better their skills and approach to being creative.You can read other posts with Jake here:
    What it is like to be a professional Concept Artist

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Concept Art Animation Industry Briefing Community Spotlight Tips & Tutorials